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29. Jan, 2017

Lisa smith

Hi I am enquiring about a silver / blue maine coon much are they. Thankyou lisa

24. Sep, 2015


Pancake looks just like his dad he is health 7kg at 17months.

Loves life and says hi to nan.


1. Jul, 2015

Lauren and Blake

Raja (g) and Jafar (b) with our dogs

1. Jul, 2015


Our beautiful babies, brother and sister, Raja, (girl) and Jafar (boy)

2. Jan, 2015

Mandy AV

Another pic of Nyx

2. Jan, 2015

Mandy AV

A couple of pics of our girl Nyx. Growing so fast. Now 14 weeks old.

21. Aug, 2014


had to put another
good old Pancake

21. Aug, 2014


Little man PANCAKE!!

such a character loves the trucking life :)
so many funny pictures

20. Aug, 2014

Helen Ensbey

This is our boy Smooch - he is so sweet

5. Jul, 2014


My Khan (9 months & officially vet verified 7.3kg - home scales wasn't accurate at 8kg)

4. Jul, 2014

Nicole Siobhan Manning

My 2.5 year old baby Dexter